Our company

Softplan Slovakia, Ltd. is a developer of software solutions in the field of government administration in German Federal Republic. Softplan Slovakia is a subsidiary corporation of Softplan Informatik GmbH which is one of the leading contractor of geographical information systems.

Parent company

Softplan Informatik GmbH is one of the leading contractor of geographical information systems in German Federal Republic and has been operating on German market for over 25 years. Together with their partners, it provides services and guidance in the field of planning, maintaining a documentation of infrastructure.

Partner Company

Ekom21 – KGRZ Hessen is parent company of Softplan Informatik GmbH and is one of the leading providers of communal IT services in Germany. As BSI-certified company ekom21 offers its customers complex solutions in IT sector.

Our projects


INGRADA is a modern geographical informational system used by cities, companies and engineering offices. Thanks to the ability to react to requirements of more than 2 thousand customers, Ingrada has been a guarantee of stability and professional cooperation in the field of digital processing of geographical data for 25 years.


OWI21 is an automated system for processing administrative offenses of many types mainly traffic offenses. This system processes several million traffic offenses yearly and is used in several parts of Germany.


KFZ21 is informational system for registration of motor vehicles. The system manages several dozens of millions vehicles from small personal cars to heavy duty vehicles and rescue cars. KFZ21 is used in several parts of Germany.



Jörg Tieben

Executive manager

Martin Kubáň

Executive manager

Katarína Jamrichová

Confidential clerk

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